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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Superstitions, Beliefs and Customs XI

About Building and Moving The House:

1. In erecting the first post that is called "pasag-ang," the position of the so-called "bakunawa" is referred in a book of astrology or local almanac. The post passes through the near center of the head of bakunawa. In following this, the house to be built will be safe from any catastrophe or misfortune.

*bakunawa - A fabulous, mythical large snake or dragon believed to devour the moon at the time of an eclipse; lunar eclipse.

2.  Prior to filling any holes, gap or opening of the first post with cement, a comb, 10-centavo coins or any coins, rice and ramos (holy week palms blessed with holy water) are put in the depth of the hole or opening dugout together with a lighted candle and offered with a short simple prayer. These objects and simple ritual is said to secure peace and triumph to the family in anything that they will face and it also provides protection from evil and harm.

3.The stairs of the house should be fronting the east where there is a sunrise. In this position of the stairs, the family who will settle in the house will have a blissful or happy and  comfortable living everyday.

4. In moving into a new house, the shape of the moon is considered. The transfer or move to the new house happens three days after the full moon or eight days after the new moon.

5. A ceremony like ritual called "himatay", is  being held by many people before transferring to a new house. The relatives and friends were invited to the ceremony. At the start of the ceremony, the chief carpenter or foreman kills a chicken and its blood drippings is dropped on the tools and equipment used in building the house and the posts of the house. Sometimes the blood used is from a pig or boar. It was believed that the blood drives away any accidents, catastrophe or disaster that may happen to the carpenters, their tools and equipment may not harm the carpenters in the next houses they will build and the supernatural beings or creature will not give or brings damage, harm or injury to those people who will reside in the house. The chicken or sometimes the pig is cooked and festivities will start.

6. In Mandurriao, the best day of moving or transferring to a new house is on Saturday.

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