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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Superstitions, Beliefs and Customs VII

About Animals and Insects:

1. There is a belief that if a cat crosses the road on your way, you will meet mishap and misfortune. People who have this kind of belief is really careful in encountering a black cat. If this happens, it's better for them to return and stay in the house rather than continue with their walk. For others, a snake or black cat which gets in their way or crosses the road on their way still foretells death.

2. If there is a thunder, no one is allowed to play with the cats because they were considered as the source or conductor of lightning. If a child doesn't follow this reminder, there is a great danger and possibility that he or she might get hit by the lightning.

3. The monkey was thought to be a former human beaten by a ladle in disobeying their parents.

4. The lizards in the house, which was considered divine creatures is thought to touch the ground  at kiss it every afternoon as a sign of gratitude to God.

5. Some of the objects, things and idea are implicitly told and expressed in the alternate or by turns of agreeing or disagreeing or a yes or no sound of a gecko lizard. First sound is a yes or agree and the second sound is a no or disagree and so on and so forth.

6. A "tambalihan" (Hiligaynon term or word for salamander) is believed to be very venomous. The person who is bitten by the salamander needs to spit out or expectorate or immediately go to the nearest water. Not doing so, means death to the victim.

7. If the gecko lizard made some noise when you are about to leave the house, it is a sign that a far away relative has died.

8. If one can hear the sound of the gecko lizard, count how many times it sounded. If someone will bet the numbers in a daily double, lotto or sweepstakes, it will win.

9. The falling of a spider on the head of a person means bad luck or misfortune.

10. A spider named udto-udto (Hiligaynon word for big green garden spider or samurai spider) is venomous or poisonous. The person bitten would immediately die.

11. An insect called tando tando or tunda tunda foretells two things.  If it flies around the house at night and made some noise just like a musical percussion instrument tambourine, a relative of the family has presumably died. If the noise made is similar to the sound of the opening and closing of scissors, a lost relative that has disappeared for a long time is believed to be returning.

12. The howling of the dog means signifying the nearing of the evil spirits

13. The crowing of the rooster is asking for rain. If it crows at night, it has a buzzing sound of bad luck to its owner.

14. The butterflies can be a sign of good or bad fate.

15. If a yellow butterfly enters the house means an unexpected money will come all of a sudden.

16. A color brown butterfly entering the house means the coming of a news or money.

17. If a person hears the sound of a salagunting, a kind of rhinoceros beetle in front of the door, this brings good news however if the sound is in the window, this is a warning that a bad thing that happened will come.

About Food:

1. The plates that has been used in a meal should not be stacked up immediately. One should wait for everyone to finish first before stacking up the plates if not one will have a stacked up of debts.

2. Don't eat from time to time or every seconds of the time if you do not want to have arrears or debts from time to time.

3. Eating an egg which hatching is abrupted, brings failure to anything planned, intended or desired.

4. If a person caught up with the meal time (breakfast, lunch or dinner) in other people's houses, he or she should not leave because he or she will carry with them the blessings of the food of the family. If it can't be avoided to leave, they should leave a statement that they will leave the food to the family. If they forgot to say it, the family would remind them. For others, sometimes the family are the turning sides the plates in a clockwise direction when someone is leaving.

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