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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mayor David Alfeche Administration

Mayor David Alfeche
Vice Mayor Marcelo Tolentino


          The administration of Simeon Canonero which was quite a long stretch of time ended with the victory of Mayor David Alfeche in the November 1959 election. Alimodian was under the leadership of Mayor Canonero for 14 years, the period that was immediately after the liberation to 1959.

The term of Mayor David Alfeche
          Mayor David Alfeche was known for his affable manners before, during and after his incumbency. He is a light-hearted man and a friend to all. He was born on May 19, 1910 and was married to Estrella Alfeche with whom he has two children, Herminia Alfeche Nieves and David Jr.

Pre-Mayoralty Days
          Before Mayor Alfeche ascended the mayoralty, he held various positions both in the government and private firms. Before the outbreak of the war, he was assistant local civil registrar and stenographer of Judge Cipriano Cabaluna, Sr. This position he held for several years until he became the secretary of President Justo Puga.
          Later, he left that job and sought greener pastures in the city. He landed a job as the stenographer of the Philippine Engineering Corporation. After a couple of years, he was promoted as manager of the same firm, but was transferred to Bacolod City.
          In 1940 he returned to his native town and worked as municipal secretary of Mayor Felix Altura, the position he held until the outbreak of the war. During the Japanese occupation, Mayor Alfeche joined the Civil Resistance Movement as stenographer of Gov. Tomas Confesor in the mountains of Panay.
         After the war he landed a government job as stenographer in the Court of First Instance, 17th Judicial District, Iloilo. He again transferred to a private company, the South Negros Lumber Company in Asia, (now Hibao-an) Negros Occidental. While working there he became popular with the townspeople so that he was first elected as vice mayor and in the next election he was elected mayor. Aside from holding the highest post in that municipality, he was also the manager of that firm.

His Political Career
         Mayor Alfeche started his political career when he launched his candidacy and won as councilor during the second term of Mayor Canonero in 1951 – 1954. Then in the third bid for mayoralty of Canonero, Mayor Alfeche ran for vice mayor and won over his opponent, Atty. Miguel Anas under the Canonero banner.
         Quite confident of his political bailiwick, Mayor Alfeche threw his hat in the political ring in the November 1959 election and defeated his opponents, Atty. Miguel Anas and the incumbent Mayor Canonero, who was an aspirant for mayoralty in his fourth bid. His running mate, Marcelo Tolentino, also won as vice mayor. His councilors were Teodosia Amarra, Jose Anico, Gabriel Alingasa, Silverio Amantillo, Salvador Altura, Aquiles Cabaluna, Felix Anas and Gerardo Pinuela.
         As mayor of the town, he tried his best to do everything for the benefit of both the town and its constituents. As the chief executive of the town, Mayor Alfeche took care of every detail in his administration and his first concern was the economic uplift of the citizens. It was during his administration that the credit union was organized in the community. This organization has helped much in the economic life of the people.

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