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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Alimodian Municipal President (now called Municipal Mayor) Gelacio Allones

Gelacio Allones (1885-1961); 6th Municipal President 1929-1931
Gelacio Allones
6th President of Alimodian
(1885 – 1961); President 1929 – 1931

Gelacio Allones Y Amarra was born on November 10, 1885 to Emeterio Allones and Alejandra Amarra. Young Gelacio was bright, active and interested in education. His mother was his first teacher who taught him the ABC and the “the caton.” When Mr. Wilford Nichols, the American teacher, arrived in Alimodian in 1902, Gelacio was already 17 years old. He started his education and his first teachers were Mrs. Felicidad Alingasa Sta. Cruz, Venancia Sta. Cruz Edurese and Mrs. Concepcion Alfante Akol.

From Alimodian he continued his studies in Iloilo Central School. After finishing Grade III he became a teacher first in Sulong and later in the Central School.

Mr. Allones married Rosario Sta. Cruz, a member of a prominent family in Alimodian, with whom he had seven children: Desamparados, Adelaida, Priscilla, Rebecca, Alejandra and two boys all named Nicasio.

Mr. Allones aside from being a teacher was also a farmer and a politician. He was involved in the affairs of the government. He was a municipal councilor in 1919. During the June 6, 1922 election he won again as municipal councilor under the banner of the Democratic Party with Gregorio Alvior as president and Tomas Algallar as vice president.

In the 1929 election Mr. Allones won as president under the Democratic Party with Ruperto Rodriguez as vice president. He was the 6th president of Alimodian since its separation from Leon on December 31, 1918.

Dedicated to the improvement of his town, he was able to have roads and bridges repaired. Peace and order was maintained. He served as president of the municipality until 1931. After his term as president, Mr. Allones continued to serve the municipality as councilor. In the election of December 10, 1940 he again won as councilor with Felix Altura as president and Anacleto Amparo as vice president. In 1946 he was also one of the councilors of Simeon Canonero.

After serving his town as a teacher, councilor, and president he got sick and died on May 4, 1961 at the age of 75.

In his memory the Sangguniang Bayan of Alimodian named the street where the family resides as Gelacio Allones Street. His picture as a former town head hangs in the Municipal Hall.

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  1. Thank you so much for this info. Gelacio Allones is cousin of my grandmother/Lola -- Anastacia Allones. My mother is Yolanda Allones Rodriguez.


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