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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Alimodian Town Mayor - Atty. Cipriano Cabaluna, Sr.

Atty. Cipriano Cabaluna, Municipal Mayor 1937 - 1941

Atty. Cipriano Cabaluna, Sr.

(1895 – 1970); Mayor 1937 – 1941

        Atty. Cipriano Cabaluna Sr. was the Alcalde Municipal of this town from 1937 to 1941. He occupied various positions in the government before he was elected town executive.

        He was born in Leon, Iloilo to Pedro Cabaluna and Concepcion Yuson on October 11, 1895. He had two brothers, Ricardo and Salvador, who are both deceased now.

       Atty. Cabaluna finished his elementary education at Leon Elementary School and his secondary education at Seminario de Iloilo. He acquired the degree of Bachelor of Laws from Manila Law School and hurdled the bar examination right after the graduation.

       He had been high school teacher at St. Catherine Parochial School before he became the Justice of Peace of Alimodian. In 1936 he launched his candidacy as Alcalde Municipal and won over his opponent, Felix Altura. He served a term of four years from 1937 to 1941.

      As the town head he had some achievements which will make the present generation remember him:

1. He had a foot bridge constructed joining Alegria and San Modesto Street.
2. He had school houses constructed in Atabay, Tarug and Sinamay.
3. A feeder road was constructed from the poblacion to Sulong.
4. He made possible the cadastral survey of property in this town thereby settling land boundary controversy.
5. He caused the settlement of boundary disputes between Maasin and Alimodian and Leon and Alimodian.
6. He improved drainage by construction canals in the town proper.
7. He made Bagumbayan a barrio instead of just an extension of the town.
8. He made use of friar land in town as market place and recreation center.

      After the war he rose as Deputy Governor in the Province of Iloilo from 1949 – 1954. He was
promoted Clerk of Court, Court of First Instance of Iloilo from 1955 – 1960 and retired in that position. He met his Maker on December 10, 1970 almost 10 years after his retirement from public office.

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