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Thursday, January 28, 2010


               In 1960, through the effort of Cong. Domitilio Abordo, the school was converted into a vocational high school. Under the administration of Mr. Crispin Vacante, rapid improvement was undergone by the school. A spacious quadrangle, the U-shaped building, the canteen, the Girls Trades building adjoining the administration building and the concrete fence were constructed during Vacante’s tenure.

              With the conversion of the school into the Alimodian National Vocational High School, the problem of administration came up. One principal after another headed the school. Mr. Domingo Batocael took over the post of Mr. Vacante as principal while the latter became head of the Related Subjects Department.
              When Mr. Batocael was transferred to Negros Occidental School of Arts and Trades, Mr. Jose V. Francisco, head of the vocational department, was promoted principal. When Mr. Francisco was transferred to Sta. Barbara Vocational High School, Mr. Wilfredo Lena, head of the Vocational Department, took charge of the school for one year. In the year 1969-1970, Mr. Numeriano Defensor was appointed principal of the school. In 1971, Mr. Vacante was promoted principal of Cabatuan Comprehensive High School and Miss Visitacion Sta. Cruz took over the post as head of the Related Subjects Department.
              By Virtue of Republic Act No. 2410 the Alimodian National Vocational High School was converted to the Alimodian National Comprehensive High School through the representation of Congresswoman Gloria Tabiana. The ANCHS was then under the Division of Iloilo. The formal turn-over of the school by Mr. Manuel Gonzales, representative of the Iloilo School of Arts and Trades, to Mr. Antonio V. Tanchuan, superintendent of the Division of Iloilo, was made in August 1970.
             On August 6, 1972, Mr. Fermin Monserate took over as principal of the school. Many improvements were made during his term. He was responsible for the leveling of the athletic field before the WISA meet held in the school in 1974. The concrete path from the main gate to the two-storey building was realized through his initiative. The grandstand and stage at the athletic field were constructed during his administration.
            When Mr. Monserate became principal of Sta. Barbara National Comprehensive High School, Mrs. Fe B. Andres took over. It was during the incumbency of Mrs. Andres that new buildings began sprouting in the campus. Among them are the Administration building, two-storey building for sciences and arts, renovation of the Social Hall and the further leveling of the athletic field for SISA meet 1983. At present the old Home Economics building renovated with the initial cost of P80,000.
            The ANCHS has acquired three permanent buildings since the appointment of Mrs. Fe B. Andres as principal of the school. No principal has ever given such improvements to the school. This can be accounted to the dynamic personality and persistence of Mrs. Fe B. Andres to give improvements that these buildings were constructed.
           The first building constructed under her administration was the two-storey Administrative Building which houses the offices of the staff in the ground floor and the library in the second storey. It stands majestic on the school campus and it can easily be seen as one approaches the place.
           The next building constructed was the two-storey 18-room building costing the government P2,000,000. This building houses the office of the Administrative assistant, auditor and the Science, English and Pilipino deparments.
          The another building built on the campus is the PE building which was constructed from the excess amount appropriated for the two-storey building in the amount P185,000. It was turned over by the MPWH to the MECS on March 20, 1984 and at the same time it was blessed by Rev. Fr. Justiniano Hingco.
         Mr. Dioscoro G. Gil, Jr. took over the post of Mrs. Fe B. Andres in 1992. Under his administration, new buildings were constructed, academic achievements and accomplishments of students has improved and at the same time he put Alimodian on the map of the province sports by enhancing the capabilities of the athletes on an improved training.
         At present, Mrs. Phoebe Andiano is the school principal of ANCHS and has made tremendous accomplishments very early into her administration. Lots of improvements has been done and implemented in the school fortifying the reputation of the school as one of the effective learning institution in the province.

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