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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Alimodian Municipal President (now called Municipal Mayor) Jose G. Alvior

Jose G. Alvior, Alimodian Municipal President - 1934- 1937

Jose G. Alvior

(1906 – 1944); President 1934 – 1937

       Jose Gregorio Alvior is the sixth child of Gregorio Alvior and Sofia Velez of Mandurriao, Iloilo. He was born on May 6, 1906.

       He took his elementary education at Iloilo Central School and secondary education at Jaro Industrial School, now CPU and at Guimbal Institute. He graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Laws from National Law School in 1932.

      While preparing for the bar examination, he was asked by the late Ruperto Montinola to lead the Partido Democrata in Alimodian. He got involved in politics and became president of our town from October 15, 1934 to 1937.

       He married Castora Gavilangoso of San Joaquin, Iloilo with whom he has two children, Gilda and Teresita.

      When the war broke out, he was called to active duty with the rank of first lieutenant. Later he was promoted to major.

      Major Alvior showed his bravery when he encountered the Japanese at Balwa Creek near the ANCHS while he was on mission. Single-handed he fought the enemies killing two of them. However, the other patrol members in another direction fired and killed him on the spot.

      The Japanese recognized his rank and they even saluted his dead body. The following is an excerpt of the eulogy of Lt. Col. Relunia in his honor:

“Brave Major Alvior, the Almighty claimed your life early. Your heroic and valorous death will however not pass in vain, for in the minds of all people your memory will linger. We will continue waging the fight – for the noble cause for which you heroically gave your life, your brave act will always be a mirror for us to carry on the fight to victory. Your death will be avenged.”

       In the 1934 elections, his vice president was Ambrocio Amaguin. Among his counselors were Gelacio Allones, Justo Puga, Manuel Anino, Jose Aligaen, Alejandro Amiscua and Wenceslao Anino.

       Alvior was an outspoken and dynamic town head. He was a friend to all and he was very cordial to the masses so that he was very much loved by them.

       He died during the encounter with the Japanese soldiers on March 3, 1944 at Sitio Balwa of this town.

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