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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Taban Massacre

Decapitation of both civilians and soldiers are usual punishments of Japanese imperial forces in the isand with which the town of Alimodian has been a witness to in Brgy. Taban.

One of the usual decapitation of civilians in the remote places in the Philippines

If not using the samurais and bayonets, Japanese can use flagellations to torture their captives to extract some information.

It was a fine, clear morning. Farmers went to the market with some grains, chickens, eggs and other products. People of both sexes, young and old, crowded the market place. Buying and selling were brisk.

         All of a sudden the Japanese appeared. As usual, the first impulse of the people was to escape, but it was too late for most of the people to get out. They were surrounded. Working on the preconceived plan to get all able-bodied men in the crowd, the Japanese seized them and tied their hands and feet. About 50 men were captured after the rest succeeded in eluding the Japanese. Almost all of those left in the scene were women.
         Lining up the captured 50 men who were securely tied up, bayonets and saber were soon put into action. One by one, the captives were made to stand against the trunk of a coconut tree. One by one, they were subjected to bayonet thrusts and later beheaded with sabers. The massacre is over, the dead heads of the victims were left scattered all around to be taken care of by the dogs, after the murderers had gone away.
        The tragic incident happened in the early morning of August 17, 1943.
        One hero worth mentioning is Major Jose G. Alvior, one time mayor of our town and one of the planners in the organization of the Panay Free Forces together with Col. Macario Peralta, Col. Leopoldo Relunia and Col. Julian Chavez somewhere in the mountains of Lambunao. Major Alvior at the time of his death was Division Quartermaster. He met his tragic death in Sitio Balwa, just a few meters away from the present site of the Aimodian National Comprehensive High School.

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