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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mayor Simeon Cañonero Second Term

The Second Term of Mayor Canonero
            Because of exemplary leadership and capability he demonstrated, Canonero gained the people’s confidence. This was manifested when they voted him again mayor in 1951 for the second term of four years. This incumbency proved to be very fruitful just like his first.

The Construction of the Municipal Hall
             The hallmark of the second term of Mayor Canonero is the construction of a permanent municipal hall. Before the war, the municipal building was a modest structure of wood and galvanized iron and it presented vestiges of Spanish rule in the town.
             The total cost of construction reached P65,000, quite a sizeable amount, consider the buying power of the peso during that time. Of this amount P55,000 came from the War Damage Claims. The remaining P10,000 was contributed by Hon. Jose Zulueta from his pork barrel. Today, the Municipal Hall stands proudly by the town plaza.

               It was also during the time of Canonero when a grandstand was constructed at the Alimodian Central Elementary School costing P15,000 which housed the spectators of the different delegations during the Southern Iloilo Public School Athletic League (SIPSAL). However, age took its toll on the grandstand and it was demolished to give way to the Home Economics building.

Street Lighting
               Alimodian had its first taste of electricity after the war when the street lighting system was put up in the poblacion. Providing the power was the Alimodian Electric Light Service of Mrs. Natalia Amparado, a prominent citizen of Alimodian.

Land Titles were Facilitated by Mayor Canonero
               Even before the outbreak of the war, the land in Alimodian did not have titles, unlike in other towns. To enable the people to contract loans from the bank, there was a felt need for land titles. Mayor Canonero authorized the Certeza Surveying Company to survey the lands in Alimodian. After the owners were given titles, the people could enter into loan agreement with any bank.

Other Improvements
                Another achievement during the second term of Mayor Canonero was the construction of the Home Economics Building at the Alimodian High School. Although, the building is now destroyed and has been replaced by a new one, it served its purpose during its time.

Service to the Barrio
                 While improvements were being undertaken in the poblacion, the barrios were not neglected by Mayor Canonero. One of the projects being undertaken by him was the irrigation canals from a stream to the ricefields in Barrio Coline. The irrigation was a great help to the people in that barrio because before they depended wholly on the blessings of the skies before they could plant their crops.
                 To transport the products from Sulong and Sinamay, the mayor had a feeder road constructed in the amount of P5,000 from the pork barrel of San Quintin Paredes.
                 Because of scarcity of water in the barrios, artesian wells were constructed in Barrio Bancal, Buhay and Alegria Street.

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