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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Heroic Death of Lt. Marcelo Del Rosario

Lt. Marcelo del Rosario
            Lt. Marcelo del Rosario was considered the most outstanding and courageous combat officer in Iloilo during the guerilla years. He was the commanding officer of “A” Company, who was responsible for inflicting the most PC (Philippine Constabulary all Filipino Prisoners of War) casualties in Mandurriao and Jaro. They were able to kill 14 enemies and capture some in the attack of February 10, 1944.

           Lt. del Rosario conferred with Lt. Barrios, Commanding Officer of the 5th Iloilo PC Company, of their friendly mission three days before that fateful day of April 17, 1944.
          Then on that day, Lt. del Rosario accompanied by his men, were met with friendly greeting. But as they were entering the threshold of the garrison, the PC’s rushed to their defensive position.
          Lt. Gotico saw a rifle leveled toward Lt. del Rosario just a few inches from his chest. In seconds he fell. His men fired at the enemies killing some and wounding others.
          Lt. del Rosario who was a fearless fighter, was a victim of treachery by his countrymen. The PC’s and the Japanese wrecked their hatred on him by parading his dead body in Iloilo City as their trophy.
         Lt. del Rosario is the husband of Tiya Nena del Rosario and the grandfather of three Jo sisters of this town.

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