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Friday, January 22, 2010

The Death of Major Jose G. Alvior

Major Jose G. Alvior          On March 3, 1944, while he was on the way to accomplish a mission, he met face to face some Japanese soldiers, at Balwa Creek. He killed instantly two of them hitting them at the forehead. Major Alvior was a sharpshooter even before the outbreak of the war and a member of the Iloilo Rifle Association. Unluckily, he was shot by a Japanese sniper who positioned himself at the bank of the creek. Alvior was identified by the Japanese as a ranking Filipino officer and they even saluted their victim before they returned to the garrison located at the old municipal building. The barbarous enemy looted his dead body of all papers, money, jewelry and other valuables. Major Alvior was eulogized by Lt. Col. Leopoldo Relunia, second in command in the Panay Guerilla. In announcing the heroic death of Major Alvior to the units, Lt. Col. Relunia said.

         “Brave Major Alvior, the Almighty claimed your life early. Your heroic and valorous death will however not pass in vain, your memory will forever linger. We will continue waging the fight for the noble cause for which you heroically gave your life. Your brave act will always be a mirror for us to carry on the fight to VICTORY – your death will be avenged.”

         Major Alvior, after having been left by the Japanese on the spot where he was killed, was secretly recovered by guerrillas headed by Lt. Marcelo del Rosario who later met his tragic death in Mandurriao also in the hands of the Japanese, and loyal civilians late in the evening and was buried near the fence inside the municipal cemetery which he also helped construct years before the war. After the war, his remains were transferred to the mausoleum located near the cemetery chapel.

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