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Friday, June 3, 2016

Became the Dwarf Friends

This story took place several decades ago. There is a couple who just moved to their rented house.

In the few weeks of their living were strange events happening in the house. This was told by the woman to the nephew of the deceased owner of the house. He responded that it was also the same complaint of the former residents or boarders of the house. They believed that the ghosts of the dead caused the disturbing noise above the room. They thought that the ghost is probably seeking for their help.  What they did was to pray the novena for the soul. However every full moon the same thing is happening. Thus, they never pay attention to the bizarre events. The following month during the full moon some footsteps can be heard again along with thumping sound and noise of a ball that seems like a child is playing. In that room is where their young son's toys were kept and stored. 

One day, their son got sick. They brought him to the doctor to be cured. He was given a medicine but the fever never cools down. Someone told them to bring the child to an albularyo. They called for the albularyo in the house and checked out the condition of the sick child. He told them that the child stepped on the dwarf's feet while he was playing. He further added that these dwarves are dwelling in a mound which is found inside the very room of the child. They checked on it and they found out its true that there is a growing mass of earth or mound there. The siruhano (Hiligaynon term for albularyo or traditional folk healer) also said that those dwarves living there are not bad or evil but it was hurt so the dwarf took a revenge. The couple asked for an apology. The albularyo did something so the child got cured or healed. Since then, they treated the place as the house or dwellings of their friends and each time they eat, they also share their food with them. They put it in a plate and put it on top of the mound locally called bungyod or punso. Since then, the children never got sick and their business prospered. They believed that they were helped and assisted by their dwarf friends.

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