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Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Halted Testament

In a barrio in Mandurriao, Iloilo there lived happily a couple named Soloy and Tonia. They have three children. They have a convenient easy life because their father is a wise spender. However grief struck the family upon their father's sudden sickness and death. The family greatly mourned his loss. In this dire situation, they were still disturbed by some hair raising visions seen inside the house. When the night falls, there is an appearance of a headless man or a man wearing a black robe or a coffin - things that greatly terrified them. In their great terror, they abandon their house and since then no one dares to sleep in that place.

A traveler passed by the haunted place but he never slept. Teryo who just returned from Negros dared to spend the night in this place. He drinks the tuba first. The darkness is spreading and enveloping the surroundings however it formed in his vision a hair raising omen but due to his insobriety he just ignored it. Finally, the ghost revealed to Teryo the wealth he was unable to tell his wife before he died. This is about the six jars of gold. Half of it went to Teryo and the other half to the family of the deceased.

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