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Monday, June 6, 2016

The Night Of Terror

In barrio Cano-an, Estancia, there is a man who is pure evil who killed a lot of people. When he died, there are lots of stories emerges on how his ghost tried so hard to repent from the heinous crimes and offenses he committed. His ghost is referred to as Siam-Siam.

The night is deep when a man is returning home from a gathering occasion. He needs to traverse or pass through a remote area where there is a bridge that has several huge trees intertwined with each other. Deep darkness engulfs the area and he almost visualize the surroundings. He pushed through with his plan of going through the bridge. However, in around the middle there is an object obstructing his way. Walking closer into the object, he was terrified before his very eyes a coffin with a white object inside it. He discovered an individual lying it with one of his feet raising up. The traveler went to the other side and attempted to pass through this block however the person lying in raised his both hands. The traveler doesn't know what to do. There is a rainfall that night and the people is in deep slumber. He is hesitant to return to where he came from. He stayed a little bit backward, and thinking carefully about what he should do. Finally, he made a decision. It seems like he was dictated and carried through to run hastily and when he is nearing the coffin he closed his eyes jumping over the object which obstructs his way. When he passed through in the bridge, he looked back and he saw with his very eyes a zombie already standing with his hands outstretched or outspread. He run as fast as he could until he reached his home is the victim of the ghost's prank or mischief. 

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