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Saturday, June 4, 2016

There’s Anting-Anting or Amulet

There are some strange things which cannot be explained by people. For this reason, others were just living in the mysteries of life.

One afternoon, when the fishermen is preparing to go to the sea, their boats was caught up by the ebb tide. Whatever they do they can’t leave the area. It’s by chance that Geronimo owns the fish fence there. He just pushed the vessels and everything went fine and smooth when the group of divers can’t do anything in this situation.

Geronimo owns seven hectares of land. He only has one carabao or water buffalo and he’s the only one working in the farm while others have only a hectare of land to work with, plow or till. It was also told that if there’s an object stolen or taken which was owned by Geronimo, the person who committed it could not go far away or leave the place but just roam around in that area. Another unbelievable ability was shown by Geronimo. He can push a hundred pieces of bamboo in an instance. Many believed that Geronimo possesses an amulet which became the key for him to have an unusual attributes. 

In Calinog it also became popular in about 1901, there is a man named Ato who was said to have an amulet. He is always under the protection and custody of a group of soldiers. He will just throw fire matches and it will become his soldiers when needed. Ato also possesses the ability of invisibility. 

It was also believed that General Capadocia also has an amulet. It was during the 1950s. The General is almost cornered by the troops in a cave. It was certain that the General went inside the cave so those who followed him in the place gather around and attempts to corner him. However, when they went inside the cave they could not find what they are looking for despite of their stringent or thorough scrutiny and search. The people assumed that General Capadocia has the power of invisibility.

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