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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Superstitions, Beliefs and Customs IV

About Courtships, Relationships and Marriage:

1. It was believed that if a young lady singing while in front of a stove, she will get to marry an old man enough to be her grandfather.

2. Facing someone winnowing rice will result to marrying an old man.

3. One can determine if the lover is faithful to the relationship by just looking at their fingernails. A one pure white mark signifies faithfulness to one and only love but if it has many white marks it means the lover would be unfaithful.

4. The lovers should not exchange beads of rosary or any religious objects to each other as a remembrance or souvenir because it is a sign of short lived relationships. The exchange of necklace is also not allowed or prohibited because it might foretell their love will not last.

5. One should avoid eating rotten egg and someone eating them might be infertile. Only the elders can eat rotten eggs.

6. A young woman is also prohibited from eating the butt part of the chicken and she might scare away young men.

7. If the lover of a young woman looks exactly like her, they will end up together because it was thought they were soulmates.

8. If a picture was taken together with the one he is courting, pursuing or wooing, they will certainly end up together.

9. A young man or woman who has a mole in the tear's pathway will become a widow or widower early.

10. If there are two stars near or close to each other near the moon it was said that a wedding will take place. The two stars symbolizes the fiance and fiancee. If the stars are big, the betrothed belongs to the well-to-do family or rich families; if they are small, the couple came from a humble or poor family.

11. For others, if two stars were seen near the moon, it was believed that two star-crossed lovers eloped.

12. It should not fall within the year the weddings of siblings.

13. If the day of the wedding took place or will take place on a fall moon, the couple will have a prosperous life together.

14. The couple who will wed on a Black Saturday of a Holy Week and on the month of May, expect a good fortune.

15. If the couple who is about to marry or has wed is either first cousin or third degree cousin, they will bore a child with disability.

16. On the eve of the wedding, the couple to be betrothed or to be bounded together should not go out on the street because there are lots of danger, disaster and trouble awaits them that will stop their long awaited dream of a bliss and prosperity.

17. The wedding veil is considered a symbol of obedience of the bride to her other half.

18. The rice or any grains that symbolizes prosperity and good harvest is thrown to the newlyweds. It expresses the desire for the triumph and victory of the marriage.

19. The groom should stand first from kneeling in the altar and in going down the stairs, if any, after the wedding so that he will never be dominated by his wife or be a henpecked husband.

20. In other places, after the wedding, the newlywed couple should not go out or leave the house for three days. After the ceremony, the newlywed should not go up the stairs of the house where the reception is located not until or before their parents and their sponsors does.

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