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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hulobaton or Proverbs II

Proverbs About Good Manners and Reservation:

1. Wala utang nga sang Dios
    Hindi pagsukton.

   There is no debt owed to God
    That he will never charge.

2. Indi ka magpahamak
    Kay kon ang Dios maghampak
    Indi bation ang lagpak

   Don't ever get into trouble
   'Cos if God will do the beating or whacking
   The beating sound will never be heard.

3. Wala sing utang nga
     Indi pagabayran

  No debts that
   Will never be repaid

4. Ang tao nga daso-daso
    Madali mapaso.

    The person who is reckless
     Will easily be burned.

5. Dili ka magdaso-daso,
     Agud dili ka magpaso.

   Don't be so reckless
    So you will never be burned.

6. Makitid sing agtang
    Malip-ut sing panumduman.

    Narrow forehead
      Short memory or thoughts

7. Ang nagapanggas sang hangin,
    Maga-ani sing dalimuos.

    Those who sow air,
     Will reap flurry or gust.

8. Bisan taguon kay baga
    Mainggat ang kalayo.

    Even if you will hide it cos its ember
      It would still glimmer because its fire.

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