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Friday, June 17, 2016

Hulobaton or Proverbs III

Proverbs About Forgiveness and Perseverance:

1. Wala sing adlaw nga
     Walay pala-abuton

    There are no days that
      There's no future

2. Ang bato bantiling
    Sang dapya sang tubig nagabuhin.

     The flint rock
      of the wafting or carried along by the water reduces

3. Bisan mabudlay kon gusto
     Langit ang infierno.

    Even if it's difficult if wanted
     Heaven is hell.

4. Bisan ano kalawig sang prusisyon
     Mabalik sa simbahan man gyapon.

   No matter how long is the procession,
    It would still return in the church.

5. Kon may kasakit
     May kalipay

    If there's sorrow,
     There is happiness.

6. Kon may unos may kalinao.

    If there's a storm, there is also stillness or peace.

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