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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hulobaton or Proverbs I

The Hulobaton, Hiligaynon term for proverbs, are short statements of general truths, basic rules or rules of conduct. It can be in poetic or in prose form. The author could not be traced and this is passed through generations. According to William Bascom, the proverbs is the refined knowledge of past generations.

The included proverbs is referring to generosity, hard work, punctuality and frugality; good manners and reservation, excuse and perseverance, reverence and good upbringing and practice, banter, and the ushering truths of life.

Proverbs About Generosity, Hard Work, Punctuality and Frugality:

1. Ang tao nga tamaran,
    Waay isulod sa pinggan.

    The person who is lazy,
    Nothing to put in the plates.

2. Ang tao nga palabugtao
    Indi mawad-an sang bahao.

   The person who is always awake
   Will not be left out with cold rice

3. Tao nga palatulog
    Walay lutuon sa dapog.

    A person who is always asleep
    Nothing to cook in dapog

*dapog is local improvised version of hearth or furnace for cooking

4. Ang tao nga mapisan
    Indi gid magutom

    A person who is hardworking
    Will never be hungry

5. Sa tingadlao magtipon
    Agud sa tig-ululan may gamiton.

    Save up or collect during the sunny days
    So there's something to use during the rainy days.

6. Ang hipon nga tulog
    Ginaanod ding sulog

   A sleeping shrimp
   Is washed away rapidly

7. Anhon pa ang humpay
    Kung patay na ang kabayo

    What will you do with the grasses
     If the horse is dead.

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