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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Local Poetry or Binalaybay Introduction


Poems are expressions of a beautiful mind in beautiful words.

Let’s identify the poems of the Ilonggos and the meanings it evokes.

What is the Ilonggo poetry?

Traditions has put the Ilonggos synonymous with the word “malambing” or affectionate. The Spanish missionary long time ago refers to it as “dulce, mimosa y acariciante", demure, sweet and stroking because Ilonggos means not only the native fire of a race who emerged in the world but as well as the poetic origins of the culture that could not easily be emulated by its sister language.

In content, Ilonggo poetry prevailed by its more native nature.  In form, measurement and emphasis, it is real Spanish. The present Ilonggo poet is the author who is the only creator of the verses which has a full Spanish rhythm. He also uses classical influences of Castilian emphasis.  These guidelines puts the Ilonggo poetry in a high position if compared to the poetry of other dialects.

The start of creating verses of the Ilonggos has been foretold by the emergence of old compositions that tells about “The Creations of the World”, "The Miracles of Nuestra Señora del Santissimo Rosario" or Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary,” “The Maragtas of Panay”and other historical events. These epics were never written. These became a part of the oral traditions which eventually give emphasis to the old corridos of Don Juan Teñoso, which were not only sung, but were also published in small books. The meters of the old songs is not regular which consists from about eight (8) syllables until only twelve (12) syllables of the verse. Almost all of them, however, were written verses style of romance of only eight (8) syllables which has stresses on the third and seventh syllables which was introduced by Spain.

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