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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Confession Of The Ghost

An infamous criminal or bandit who could not have an eternal peace in another life after death because of the crimes committed in the world when he was alive is returning after his death. He appeared to the people and sometimes hitchhiking with the person riding a horse and sometimes revealing himself in the form of a coffin floating in the river until his meeting with a priest, his confession with the latter and the eventual pardon and forgiveness of the priest to him.

One night, a priest was awakened by a knock on the door. When he opened the door, he was shocked by what he saw. In the veranda is ghost peering through wearing a white dress. The priest asked guest what does he needs.  "I am Siam-Siam" (Nine-nine) he replied.

The priest made a sign of the cross and gather all his courage. He knows Siam-Siam.

"If so, why are you roaming around the land scaring people? Why don't you repent and confess for you and your neighbor and other people to find peace? "Father," answered Siam-Siam, "I am here to make a confession."

And Siam-Siam whose bones is spreading in the concrete floor knelt before the priest.

"This is what I want to confess."

When I was still alive, I killed 99 people and stolen 99 carabao or water buffalo and 99 cows, 99 pigs, 99 bananas and 99 guavas. Each sin was committed 99 times."

With this confession, every disturbance and horror brought by the ghost was stopped and since then, Siam-Siam was never seen again.

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