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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Siam Siam Ride On

A man riding a horse is going to the town that midnight. In his journey he needs to cross a river. He is currently crossing the river when a man greets him to ride on. He stopped by it and he allowed the man to get a ride with him. . They are in the middle of the river when the kindhearted man was shocked. He felt the hugging of a man he gets to ride with him, it is all bones and no flesh. His nervousness, terror, and fear became intense upon the mention of "Siam-siam" (Nine-nine). This is the name of the ghost known by everyone. The man scrambled so much in fear. He jumped from riding the horse and with all his quickness and fast traces the river in going to the town. He recounted his horrifying experience to the people and everyone were terrified. The people offered prayers and a holy mass was held for the eternal repose of the ghost.

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