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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Superstitions, Beliefs and Customs I

About Conceiving:

1. During the time of conceiving or panamkon as it was locally called, the husband should give all the food wanted or desired by his pregnant wife because if not she will surely lose the baby.

2. Wearing a necklace or doing cross-stitch is prohibited for pregnant women because it will lengthen the umbilical cord of the child and it will cause the child its death. It is also prohibited to wear beads on the neck and hands or any creations or objects with full circle shape and it was considered that a full circle has a bad effect on a pregnant woman.

3. If a pregnant woman will go out of the house during dusk or late afternoon, she should wear a towel, patadyong or any piece of clothing on her head. It was believed that a pregnant woman is like a transparent person in the eyes of an aswang and the child inside her womb is fully open in its eyes.

4. Never sit or lie near the door or stairs of the house if pregnant because it will bring difficulty in childbirth. Never tawing tawing in the stairs of the house.

5. Taking a picture or having a selfie is prohibited.

6. It is also forbidden to look up on a full moon or during an eclipse because it may bring damage or defect to the baby just like having an harelip.

7. Never laugh or make fun of the blind person with harelip, cleft palate, cross-eyed because the child she will bear will also have the same defect.

8. Do not conceive or crave for saints because the child will become mute. It is also not good to crave, conceive or desire for dolls for the same reason.

9. The pregnant woman is advised to look at the pictures of beautiful children so that her child will inherit and possess those kinds of traits and attributes.  During the time of her conceiving, the color of the food she craves for will affect the resulting color of her baby. Don't eat dark food like java plum because it will give the baby a dark skin color. If it desires to have a white skin baby, the pregnant conceiving woman should eat food with whitish color like coconut, jicama and siopao.

10.  The pregnant woman who eats twin or conjoined fruits like the conjoined banana will have twins that can either be identical or fraternal. The fraternal twins is the result of the conceiving pregnant woman eating a certain kind of twin fruits while the identical twins is the result of the conceiving pregnant woman eating twin or conjoined bananas or any fruits that belongs to one kind.

11. A pregnant woman should not have a haircut because she might deliver a child without a hair.

12. A woman who can still conceive, get pregnant and deliver a child was never allowed to eat fruits that was not yet fully formed or ripen in the fear of losing the child just like the beliefs in Sambag, Jaro.

13. In the town of Guimbal this belief is being followed. A house is prohibited from being repaired or fixed if the mother of the house is pregnant because it will certainly have a difficulty in childbirth.

14. In order to avoid difficulty in childbirth, the pregnant woman goes out of the house before a dying person passes away.

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